Studio Magazin praises LS1 even more

Studio Magazin LS1 review 2012

Studio Magazin reviewed the LS1 in 2010 but longed for another listen when the LS1s subwoofer was finished. Just like the first time, editor in chief Fritz Fey was totally blown away by the LS1’s sound quality.

“Fantastic micro dynamics, extreme naturalness, wide extended spectrum, unforced mids – it is a joy to listen to great recordings with these loudspeakers and a pain to hear shortcomings revealed. Both are exposed with breathtakingly decided precision. (…) The LS1 with sub extension is the perfect loudspeaker for people that expect a merciless and highly precise rendering of the whole audible spectrum (and shouldn’t we all?). (…) Not something good, but something already exquisite has further been improved.”

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