The CC1 is a poisonous device

CC1 review My HiEnd

The Taiwan magazine “My Hi-End” did a review of the CC1 and was heavily impressed. Please enjoy some translated fragments from the text by reviewer Leo Yeh: 

“I first used the CC1 as the main clock for an Esoteric K-03X. The high-precision VCXO voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (0.5 ppm) is set to master mode. Immediately after I turned the system on I already had the feeling that the sound has improved. After 20 minutes of warming up, the sound performance is like reborn. I am most impressed by the texture and density of the sound. The background noise is greatly reduced and the stereo image is more distinct. When I changed back to the internal clock of the CD transport, the quality was loose and blurred in comparison.” 

“In conclusion, if a CC1 fits in your system, there is only one reason to not buy it, and that is that the children in your pocket have not saved enough… The thousand words of this review cannot do justice to the personal experience. It is strongly recommended that interested readers contact a Grimm Audio dealer. But watch out: this is an addictive device that is poisonous and will poison everyone who listens to it!”

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CC1 at Leo Yeh of My-HiEnd

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