Audio Afficionado: MU1 is a job extremely well done!

In the “Friendly Forum for High End Audio” Audio Afficionado, subscriber Bart takes the readers on a trip to dealer Listening Matters in The Hague, where he landed in his search for the ideal digital music source. He describes his journey and observations with great enthusiasm, introducing many of the albums he played. It makes for a very entertaining read. Comparing the MU1 to the competing product, he writes, after listening to Muddy Waters’ “My Home is in the Delta”:

“I wasn’t expecting this. I stared in disbelief to my friend and to Ben, our host. Tears filled my eyes. I could use words like ‘bigger and deeper soundstage’, ‘better detail’ and more audiophile babbling. But that doesn’t really describe the experience. What we heard: it was more real. Basta. And this simply allows one to better connect to the musical experience.”

And after Maya Fridman & Daniel Kool’s “The Invisible Link”:

“We only needed the first piano note to come to the same conclusion. What a difference! So yes, the source seems to be the most important element in the chain. Everything that is lost before it reaches the DAC can never be repaired afterwards. And this means you start to appreciate the qualities of a good recording engineer even more… “The piano is in the room” said Jacques… (…) This Grimm MU1 must be one of the finest digital components.”

Please read the full Audio Afficionado post here.

“It was more real. Basta.”

Bart, Audio Afficionado
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