Live stream interview by Jaap Veenstra of Alpha Audio

Saturday morning August 15, right after our holidays, we were invited by Jaap Veenstra of Alpha Audio for an English spoken live stream interview about “the people behind Grimm Audio” – in other words: who are Guido Tent and Eelco Grimm? It turned out to be a long and very nice chat about our backgrounds and philosophies, not so much about the equipment. Grimm Audio is built upon the gathered knowledge of a large group of people who are active in the Dutch audio community from the eighties onwards and we could explain that quite well in the interview.

Jaap was a great host, we felt like visiting a professional talk show. And his video technology was top notch too – streaming a live program on youtube and facebook synchronously, switching view-angles from four cameras while leading the show at the same time is not an easy task. Kudos to Jaap!

The venue was the Artone recording studio of Record Industry: the world famous vinyl pressing plant in Haarlem (former CBS/Sony). In this studio true analog “direct to disc” recordings can be made, where the engineers can choose between a standard Neumann lathe, a Neumann DMM lathe or a vintage Scully lathe.

Of course the daily operation of the control room is to cut masters for the pressing plant, usually from a digital source. A nice detail is that the studio is wired with Grimm Audio TPR and they have an MP1 that’s used with their Neumann M49 vintage mic. Thanks Martijn Schouten for your interesting tour!

If you missed the live stream, you may review the full program on either Youtube or Facebook in the Alpha Audio channels. You may also listen to it as an audio only podcast in their Soundcloud.

Watch a recording of the stream on Youtube.

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