MU1 and LS1be at 15th Shenzhen HiFi show

On November 2nd and 3rd, our Hong Kong distributor Squarewave will present the MU1 and LS1be combination for the first time in China at the 15th Shenzhen HiFi show. Squarewave has booked two rooms, one of which is exclusively dedicated to Grimm Audio demos. In the picture you see a special grey legged edition of the LS1 in the room. 

This year’s show is special since Shanghai SIAV has joined as co-organizer and helped to enlarge the show to over 100 rooms. Even more special is that Kent Poon of Square Wave was invited to produce the official show CD from his own Jazz recordings. 

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Please feel welcome to enjoy a great demo in Marco Polo Shenzhen Hotel, room 2802 and 2803.