Introducing… the UC1

We proudly present the UC1 to you. This “Universal Converter” redefines precision and versatility in mixing and mastering. By combining a monitor controller with a USB interface it forms the distinct heart of your studio. Just add a computer with DAW software, a pair of speakers and proper acoustics, and you’re good to go. For more flexibility, hook up a second pair of speakers and some headphones. And to spice up your in-the-box mix, add some outboard flavors via the stereo analog or digital loop.

If your main speakers are Grimm Audio LS1’s or PMC digital input monitors, they can be controlled from the UC1 via its proprietary cat5 connector. But there’s also a balanced analog output at your disposal to connect any main monitor system of choice. 

On the front panel you will find two extra inputs: a unique second USB input to connect your laptop, tablet or smart phone, and a stereo general purpose jack input that doubles as an instrument input. A foldback function allows you to mix your instrument or vocal with the monitored mix inside the UC1, to avoid DAW latency influencing your performance.

The design process of such a versatile device takes long. As always, our requirements were high and standard hardware and software solutions did not fulfil them. To reach this performance level, we had to develop everything ourselves, from the audiophile switch mode power supply to USB firmware. For our signature super low jitter clock we designed a remarkable hybrid PLL that locks fast to external sources, and then gradually increases jitter suppression. 

The beauty of the UC1 is that all its many details received equal attention. We are certain it will be loved by many.

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“The UC1 redefines precision and versatility in mixing and mastering.”

Eelco Grimm

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