New firmware for MU1

After many months of software development we proudly present the new v1.2.14 firmware of the MU1. Don’t expect a long list of added features. There are a few nice ones, but they don’t represent the huge amount of work that went into this update. The majority of labour was put in stuff that mainly lives ‘under the hood’. When we released the initial MU1 firmware, the control software that manages all that happens in the device was built to be functional. And it did the job well. However it did not offer the flexible architecture and solid fundament that’s needed to refine the MU1 over the years with new functions. 

We decided to rebuild the control system from the ground up, following the fundamental approach that our chief software engineer Michiel Schriever is famous for. The result is a stabler and faster system that truly lives up to our high standards. The user will experience a smoother operation and improved Roon integration. Also the display renders swifter and has sub pixel rendering for higher quality images. Firmware updates now download much faster.

The mentioned ’nice new features’ are optional volume control for both AES outputs, a DoP option for DSD DACs, up- and downsampling to 96 kHz or 88.2 kHz for digital systems that don’t support higher rates, adjustable power LED brightness, exFAT, HFS and HFS+ support for USB drives and a Grimm LS1 detection that disables the LS1 options in the source menu when there is no LS1 in the system. 

This update facilitates the development of a wealth of functions and improvements and we look forward a lot to offering you these in the future.

If you own a MU1, please read the new software and hardware manual and the update instructions that you can find in the download tab of the MU1 web page.

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