New firmware v1.3 for MU1

We are pleased to let you know that new firmware for the MU1 is released. Version v1.3 adds two features that were in strong demand: an S/PDIF output and IR control. 

The RCA S/PDIF output that can be found on the latest batch of MU1 hardware is enabled. Customers can now use their favorite RCA S/PDIF cable. 

The other feature also enables a MU1 hardware connector: the 3.5mm ‘remote control’ jack on the back, designed for use with common infrared extenders. IR remotes now offer access to play/pause, volume, source selection, previous/next track and in/out standby. Our team took this assignment serious and the MU1 can therefore be used with any type of IR remote on the market. In case you find a remote that does not work, please let us know.

Instructions for how to program the IR function can be found in the MU1 software manual. For a good impression you can watch the nice Youtube video that MU1 customer and Hifi-Advice author Christiaan Punter made. Enjoy!

Instruction video for IR programming by Christiaan Punter of HFA

A note to all users: please do not plug in the IR cable during the update process. Just let the MU1 run the update untouched.

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