Spectacular MU1 firmware update

With great pride we present you the new v1.4.0 firmware for the MU1. Almost 6 months of work went into this release. Many important elements were added to the internal software structure, as a foundation to future functions. And the new functions that are already realised with this update are no less than spectacular. 

First of all, we managed to improve the already outstanding up- and downsampling algorithms. In this ‘next generation’ process we have further reduced the rounding noise in the audio band, to unearthy low levels. The result is even more realism in textures and precision in the 3D stereo image. The ‘addiction’ factor as a MU1 reviewer called it has reached even greater heights.

A totally different type of improvement, but of equal importance, is the web server that is now built into the MU1. After scanning a QR code in the MU1 menu, any type of browser (in PC, tablet or phone) can control the MU1 playing functions, and also its preferences. Even better, it can also control all preferences of a connected LS1 system. This feature was called a ‘game changer’ by our beta testers. You now have full control of all aspects of your complete High End playback system from the browser of your iPad. While sitting in your listening chair.

The next fundamental improvement is Surround. The MU1 features three pairs of digital outputs that in stereo mode all play in parallel. In Surround mode they become sources for 5 LS1 loudspeakers or 3rd party DAC channels. A ‘home-made’ high speed DMA interface between the CPU (that runs Roon) and our FPGA processor guarantees stable playback up to surround DXD and DSD256.

Finally a successor to the surround SACD player. Finally a modern day source for the vast catalog of classical and pop surround recordings. At unheard sound quality level.

And on top of that, there are many improvements and bug fixes such as an optional 3 dB headroom (to avoid intersample clipping with unattenuated digital audio connections such as to the LS1), dim functions for the display, and convenient trouble shooting tools. 

We consider this update a new mile stone in the development of the MU1 platform. And it is a great pleasure to offer it to all our customers as a free download. For more information, please read the change log document and the manual in the downloads section of the MU1 web page.

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“This outclasses everything in depth, detail, stereo width, etc.”

Jan Kuneman, Den Haag, The Netherlands
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