UC1 firmware update adds new features

We just released new UC1 firmware v1.1.3 and an updated manual. It adds some features that were still on our own wish list, but also features that our customers requested. With this update we consider the UC1 as final, because this is the way we intended it to be: a true ‘swiss army knife’ for DAW mixing and mastering with superior sound quality. 

Among the new features are a ‘compare mode’ through which two sources can be compared at individually adjusted loudness. We also added a user definable ‘0 dB’ ref level for the volume display, including a ‘go direct to 0 dB’ push button function. The latter is part of a whole range of options for the ‘soft key’ function of the lower push button, such as ‘2nd’, ‘mono’, ‘side’ and ‘dim -20 dB’. A long press of this button now toggles foldback mode on and off.

Further additions are a standard routing when using the UC1 without USB, and a ‘split’ mode in which the 2nd speaker output becomes a fixed DAC output for a pair of USB channels. 

If you like to update your UC1, please visit the UC1 web page and find it under the ‘downloads’ tab. The manual can be found next to it.

The UC1 is used in more and more places and we are overwhelmed by the positive feedback it receives.

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