UC1 v1.2.5 firmware update rock solid

The UC1 finds its way to more and more customers and they offer us valuable feedback. In firmware v1.2.5 all reported items have been solved, and the UC1’s USB performance is now rock solid all the way up to 20 simultaneous channels of 192 kHz. UC1 users, please note that a special ‘standalone’ mode has been added that enables the fixed ‘non-USB’ routing (in stead of an automatic selection).

A very interesting improvement is that we now calibrate the DC offset of the AD converter in every UC1 during production. We prefer to disable the built-in highpass filter of the AD chip since it affects the sound quality. By performing this new calibration we are now able to limit the remaining DC offset from -60 dBFS to a very low -80 dBFS, which rarely poses a problem. 

It is recommended for all UC1 users to update their UC1 firmware to v1.2.5. Instructions for how to perform the update can be found in the (renewed) UC1 manual on page 25. The manual, the change log and the new firmware can be found in the downloads tab of the UC1 product page. 

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