Alpha Audio: UC1 is an incredibly high performing device

Dutch online hifi magazine Alpha Audio just published the first ever UC1 review. Interestingly they tested the ‘pro audio’ UC1 in a hifi system. And not to the disappointment of editor Jaap Veenstra…

“The Grimm Audio UC1 is intended for studios looking for a versatile converter for monitoring. An ultra-transparent, high-end switch box to switch between various monitoring systems. Think two sets of speakers and headphones. In short: the Grimm UC1 should not add any color, and it doesn’t, in our estimation. We hear – when coupled directly to the Bryston amplifier – a very complete and clean picture. Nothing distracts, nothing gets in the way. Everything feels well balanced. The imaging is not too big, not too small, and tight in focus.”

“We can be very brief. The Grimm Audio UC1 is the most versatile converter we’ve had in our listening room. And that’s not surprising: at its core, it’s a studio converter. If we convert it to hi-fi terms, it’s a preamplifier, dac, adc, headphone amplifier. (Rev: and Masterclock).”

“We believe that with the UC1, Grimm has put an incredibly high performing device on the market. So good and yet so incredibly versatile that it can also be an interesting device for the home user. It sounds musical, honest, insightful, fluent and can in fact do everything. And that is just a very big accomplishment when we look at the price tag.“

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“The UC1 sounds musical, honest, insightful, fluent and can in fact do everything.”

Jaap Veenstra, Alpha Audio
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