Audio Art Magazine: The MU1 is an essential tool for streaming

The Taiwan Audio Art Magazine published a review by Paul Tao, who was totally surprised by the performance of the MU1. He writes in his conclusion: 

“After listening to the Grimm Audio MU1, my perspective on streaming players has turned 180 degrees! In the past, I always thought that streaming players should just hand over the digital signal from the front end to the DAC. I didn’t expect that the MU1 would have so many extra features. It can for instance greatly reduce the time base errors of network streaming and it offers exclusive sampling frequency conversion and filtering technology. By improving the performance of the connected DAC it reveals the true sound quality of a recording with all rich details that were hidden inside.

With the built-in Roon Core and SSD storage, the MU1 not only simplifies the system, but also greatly reduces the many variables caused by network transmission. What else do you want? In the era of audio network streaming, the Grimm MU1 is definitely an investment-worthy choice.“

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“My perspective on streaming players has turned 180 degrees!”

Paul Tao, Audio Art Magazine
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