AudioKey Reviews: Diamond Award for MU1

AudioKey Reviews is a relative new online magazine from the US that is different from most. It has the high quality layout of a printed magazine, but is only available online, gratis. Just perfect for reading on a tablet. The reviews are also available as web pages. AKR’s editor in chief K.E. Heartsong did a review of the MU1 and was totally blown away. For descriptions of his listening experience and snippets of an interview he did with Eelco Grimm, please read the full review. Below we copy his conclusion.

“Pros: A Roon Core and streamer of the highest caliber with extreme transparency and resolving capabilities, an almost preternatural ability to render as if analog, which translates to a natural, wholly engaging, and beautifully musical experience. Exceptional, direct and fast remote technical support!”

“There is, perhaps, no aspect at which the Grimm Audio MU1 does not excel across its functionalities and collective voices—both “better” and “best”. It is supremely transparent, easily able to resolve the most dense passages, movements and songs, and it lifts prodigious amounts of detail, most especially via its AES/EBU (4x) output. It is also natural and richly musical in a way that makes it compelling and immersive and fluid as if an analog rendering. There is also a gravitas or weight, if you will, that brings forth palpability—fully fleshed out/real performers and performances. The Grimm Audio MU1’s combined strengths make it quite a formidable streamer.

(…) the Grimm Audio MU1 wins deservingly our highest award for an exceptionally compelling and immersive musical experience—the DIAMOND AWARD.“

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“The MU1 offers an exceptionally compelling and immersive musical experience.”

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