CC1 and LS1be are both Product of the Year 2018!

Eelco Grimm with Hifi Review Product of the Year awards
Eelco Grimm with Hifi Review Product of the Year awards
Eelco Grimm at High End Munich 2019 with the two awards.

The printed magazine Hifi Review from Hongkong has offered a ‘product of the year 2018’ award to two Grimm Audio products! Both the CC1mk2 and LS1be & LS1s-DMF won in their own category. We feel highly honoured by this recognition of our products’ quality.

CC1mk2 Product of the year 2018

Some excerpts from the jury report:

Liu Zhigang wrote about the CC1: “It’s my luck, I’m reviewing the best digital clock in the world. The only important thing about a digital master clock is stability. The Grimm CC1 MKII has the world’s most accurate master clock (…) with science fiction-like technical specification! (…)”

“Chen Weichang entered our large listening room, took his chair on the east side and started to play some of his favorite music. When he played the Vagabond track, he muttered to himself: “I never noticed this immersion in the low frequency.” (…) He kept repeating “I never noticed” for almost every disc. We listened to the Pepe Romero and Maria Magdalena Flamenco album on Philips Classics. Pepe uses a pair of hands (and a guitar) and Maria uses a pair of feet (and a stage floor). Pepe plays hot and dexterous, and Maria’s power is expressed with her feet. In the original setup, when Maria hit the floor strongly the echoes of the near and far walls were sometimes faint. After adding the CC1 MKII, the realism of the church sound was beyond one’s grasp. A system with such good analytical power brings you very close to reality.”

“For us audiophiles, the price of Grimm’s CC1 MKII (developed for the professional audio market) can be regarded a bargain. There is a saying: after using the excellent Grimm Audio CC1 MKII master clock, there is no turning back.”

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LS1be & DMF sub Product of the year 2018

Chen Weichang wrote about the LS1be with LS1s-DMF: “The electronic bass sounds as low as 20Hz, the power of a church organ, the texture of a double bass, the contour and firmness of a bass drum, the slap of an electric bass guitar: the LS1s-dmf subwoofers produce them without effort. At the same time, the personality, character, size, weight, presence (with an acoustic instrument) or non-presence (with synthetic instruments), etc. of all these instruments are conveyed in the most natural way. Bass tones from the DMF sub don’t affect the clarity of other frequency bands, nor disappear at lower or higher volumes. The performance of these speakers is very linear. (…)”

“Hi-Fi means High Fidelity. Some brands call their products “high-fidelity” but offer low quality on most tracks. Other brands have chosen to enlarge everything, good recordings shine even more, bad recordings are even more ugly. The Grimm Audio LS1be+LS1s-dmf on the other hand does not place such a microscope on the two extremes. Good is not better, bad is not worse, everything is balanced and in the right proportion, without emphasis on certain subjects or details. The pursuit clearly was not just to be linear, but also truthful.”

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