Einsnull: “MU1 plays exceptionally transparent”

The major German magazine Hifi Einsnull specializes in digital audio, with a focus on streaming. We are therefore delighted to see that the first review in Germany is from their hand: no one knows the music streamers market better than them. Editor in Chief Philipp Sneckenburger himself took the MU1 to test in the 6th edition of 2019. He writes:

“In the test, the MU1 played exceptionally fresh and transparent. These aspects match the new Tool album very well, and the MU1 reproduced these meticulously elaborated compositions great, with the necessary care and delicacy. When things get a little more rough, the player convinces with excellent dynamics. Guitar riffs and cymbal hits are rendered with great power and precision. The bass also has a pleasant grip, it delivers a brisk groove and definitely has power, but it also knows to hold back when other qualities are called for.

Now Tool’s ”Fear Inoculum” is already a well-recorded album, which was first recorded perfectly and then mixed well. Despite the wonderful results of the MU1, the challenge here is of course rather small. The player became however really impressive when playing tracks with brickwall mastering. Even here, the MU1 generates a noticeable increase in dynamics and at the same time opened the stage a little further. The various parts got more contours and overall, in the upsampled 176.4 kHz version, everything sounded a little crisper and more moving. Remarkably the MU1 also lends some of its mentioned qualities of dynamics, precision and freshness to tracks that are already offered in a 192 kHz format. The differences between various sampling rates and bit depths all seem to be marginalized by Grimm Audio. You have to pay attention to details in order to differentiate between a CD-Rip and a HiRes file.

When the music source creates an optimal basis, the DA converter and the subsequent components of the system are ultimately responsible for the actual “sound”. The MU1 itself is neutral. In combination with its great user-friendliness, it offers an excellent marriage of sought-after qualities from both the studio and hifi fields.”

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“Upsampling is the real star of the MU1, but Grimm Audio knows how to give their music player other important qualities too. Its elegant design, its user-friendliness and its excellent sound distinguish the MU1 as much as its elaborate technology.”

Philipp Sneckenburger, Hifi Einsnull

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