MU1 offers metamorphosis for streams and CD’s

Our The Hague dealer Chattelin Audio Systems has changed its name to Listening Matters and celebrated this event with a great party on December 28th. “Audioafficionado” Bart Lambert wrote an enthusiastic report with pictures about his experience with the MU1 at this show. Some quotes:

“First track came from the album “John Rutter Requiem – Turtle Creek Chorale with Timothy Seelig”. Marvellous! (…)

What impressed me here was that there was quite a lot more separation and soundstage depth than I’m used to hear at home. It was all a bit more lifelike also. We were in for another surprise. We thought the album was on the server of the store, but when we checked the pathway in Roon, we saw it was an ‘ordinary’ Tidal stream!

These findings were confirmed when I put the following album in the CEC tray: “Ella Fitzgerald – Let no man write my epitaph”. ‘Black Coffee’ is a fantastic piece of jazz. Just Ella plus piano. Her voice was more present in the room than I could remember having ever heard.

This effect became even stronger in the first piece of Muddy Waters’ “Folk Singer”. The only audiophile blues album it is sometimes called. I had never heard the venue so well. Wow, the MU1 transforms CDs into terrific source material! And Tidal or Qobuz streams undergo the same metamorphosis.”

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