Studio Magazin: UC1 sounds very good

In a huge article of 8 pages, the German Studio Magazin puts a bright light on the unique versatility of the UC1. Journalist Friedemann Kootz laid his hand on one of the first UC1v2’s and checks it both in his studio and on his test bench.

“Sometimes we test editors are lucky and a test device fits perfectly into our own workflow, as in the case of the UC1. The device is ideally suited to be used as a control center in a small mastering studio like ours. (…) But now we come to the crucial question: how does it sound? The short answer is: very good. (…) The impulse response is wonderfully clean and put our Geithain RL903K to the test. (…) In a DA-AD loop listening test, the stereo image and space rendering kept fully in tact.”

“(The UC1) is exceptional in its unique specialism, and it was able to convince us with good sound quality in the test. Anyone who already works with Grimm loudspeakers or the digital models from PMC will find the UC1 a perfect addition that naturally fills a gap in the signal chain. Everyone else shouldn’t be put off, because the device is a universal studio control center in combination with any monitor, for mastering and small production studios, and many other contexts.”

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“The stereo image and space rendering kept fully in tact.”

Friedemann Kootz, Studio Magazin
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