The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel: MU1 is extremely addictive

In his famed English spoken Youtube channel, Dutch hifi journalist Hans Beekhuyzen dedicates an episode to the Grimm Audio MU1. In 22 minutes he brings an overview of many features of the MU1, introduces some of the Grimm Audio engineers and then comes to his verdict on the MU1 sound:

“What the MU1 brings is ease, relaxation without getting dull – for if dynamics need, they are there. (…) The MU1 does sound perfectly analog in the mids and highs and perfectly digital in the lows. The best of both worlds. And then I mean tape recorder analog, not vinyl analog.”

And he concludes: “The MU1 offers something more, something magical, something extremely addictive.” And he could apparently not resist the call of that addiction: after the test Hans ordered a MU1 to replace his reference system.

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“The MU1 offers something more, something magical.”

Hans Beekhuyzen, The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel
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