Super AV magazine: “The MU1 takes my breath away”

The MU1 is presented to China in the cover page article of Super AV magazine from Shanghai! Journalist Leung Wing Lun looses his breath when listening to the MU1 with LS1be’s…

“Since the moment I discovered and tested the Grimm Audio LS1be mastering system, I pay a lot of attention to this brand. Their sound, based on advanced digital technology, is so well integrated that they form an outstanding reference for modern audio. Grimm Audio’s excellent R&D strength shows us what level of sound quality can be achieved for a realistic price, and also shows that top sound performance can be reached with an elegantly simple setup. This was true for the LS1be mastering system, and now with the MU1 Grimm shows that the same is true for digital streaming.”


“After adding the MU1 to the LS1be system, I experience an even higher transparency than before. What struck me most is that the MU1 brings a very deep dark background. Because of this the smallest and finest recording details are so clearly audible that anyone in the room will sense it. This brings about a general pureness of the music, digital playback with the MU1 seems to have almost no sound of its own. Without any modification music streams from the MU1 into the LS1be’s. Excellent recordings immediately show their high quality with lots of dynamics and realistic details. With poor or older recordings, the MU1 offers a clear impression of the recording features of the era. The MU1 shows us what a perfect digital facsimile looks like.”

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“The MU1 shows us what a perfect digital facsimile looks like.”

Leung Wing Lun, Super AV
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