Twittering Machines: MU1 is musically breathtaking

Michael Lavorgna published a stunningly positive review of the MU1 in his well known webzine Twittering Machines. He offers a few technical details of the MU1 to the reader, but mainly writes about his listening experience with a selection of beautiful music albums. His full review is a must read, but we cannot resist copying some excerpts below:

“I started writing about hifi in 2005 and I bring this up because in that time, in my 18 or so years of reviewing time, I have never had the opportunity to live with as resolving and musically breathtaking a system. And when music replay hits this level of performance, this level of astounding coherence, every piece of the system puzzle has an important role to play. You could even say ‘critical’ if you are anything like me and find listening to music to be an essential ingredient in a happy, healthy life.

Truth be told, this review could have been written much sooner in the MU1’s two-month Barn stay because I could hear its influence in this system soon after it took up residence therein. And this influence was most notably heard as increased resolution, finer and more finessed fine-grain detail, greater tonal saturation, increased dimensionality to the things making music, and a more precise and dimensional place for music to unfold within. Within this system context, these improvements with the Grimm MU1 acting as Roon Server and endpoint feeding the totaldac or Mola Mola via AES were heard and more importantly felt as important changes for the better. Changes that brought music to richer, fuller life in Barn through this system allowing for a seamless connection to whatever music I sent its way. All in all, pretty damn spectacular.


I could have danced all night, most nights, that I got to enjoy this system and the Grimm MU1’s role in it for its 2-month stay. I really didn’t need to rely on any ‘test tracks’ to suss out the finer details of the Grimm’s performance because it was just so obvious. Obvious in sound, and even more apparent in my reaction to the experience of listening where I could tap into any music I cared to play, or that Roon Radio offered, within moments of sitting in the Barn’s red chair. Music was a beautiful stream flowing through the Barn that I could dip or dive into at any time for as long as time allowed.

For anyone looking to bring more refined beauty to their music while simplifying streaming and serving needs in a single lovely to look at and lovely to use device, the Grimm MU1 is my first recommendation.”

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“I have never had the opportunity to live with as resolving and musically breathtaking a system.”

Michael Lavorgna, Twittering Machines
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