WAM: MU1 shows how far digital has come

On UK’s busy forum Hifi Wigwam (or WAM) an ‘official review’ of the MU1 was published by George Sallit. And he is seriously impressed… 

“The Grimm MU1 digital music source is one of those products that have come along and challenged all those fables and (giving the game away) improve the sound quality of bog-standard CD, in a big way. I can’t resist the temptation to use the phrase, so will not, it makes the sound more analogue and human. No not like a high-quality turntable, but with the best audio from a turntable mixed with the best from digital. The sound has great 3D, natural-sounding music with great flow mixed in with tight, fast bass that sounds as though it has been played by a human. (…)

On to Did Trouble Me from Praise & Blame by Tom Jones, released on 26 July 2010. (…) The track features Jones’s powerful voice, centre stage. There he is present in my room with a small and sparse backing group enough to support Tom but not detract from his singing. The MU1 made it difficult not to fall into the music or get distracted by writing notes.

A complete change of mood, Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin from their first album. (…) I normally use this track to test whether an audio item can ROCK. The GRIMM MU1 was unusual in that it portrayed a very detailed and integrated piece of music with real power behind it. There are a lot of digital products that can sound very detailed but are not that powerful. Or the reverse. But here it is both. (…)

(Hans Zimmer’s) 2049 starts with electronic deep bass. With the GRIMM MU1 it was easy to hear the changes in bass frequencies and tone and how they change their position on a huge 3D soundstage. The GRIMM MU1 played with real power and depth and lets you know that there was something big, powerful and menacing coming soon. It presented the details, with the drama of the music. (…)

Summarising, this digital front end is the best I have heard and worked exceptionally well with the Mola Mola Tambaqui. It shows how far digital has come, and the expertise and skills of these engineers. (…)

It is without a doubt, a world-class digital front end. I could not let it go, so I bought it. If you want one of the best, this is it.”

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“This digital front end is the best I have heard”

George Sallit, Hifi Wigwam
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