Hans Beekhuyzen: MU2 is a bargain

Hans Beekhuyzen of the well known Hans Beekhuyzen Channel on Youtube has the premiere of the very first public MU2 review. At 24 minutes it became his longest review ever. And not without reason.

Hans was very enthusiastic about the combination of the MU1 with his Chord Dave. In his review in February 2022 he said: “What the MU1 brings is ease, relaxation, without getting dull.” Now he says: “The MU2 is even more relaxed, stress-free, than the MU1/DAVE combination. And voices are so clean. I don’t mean clinical clean, I mean free of aberrations that make them sound artificial.” Next he compares the prices of DACs and concludes that “the MU2 is a bargain“.

Click on the picture to watch Hans diving deep into the MU2 functions and technology, and enjoy his conclusion.

Edit: Hans Beekhuyzen published a second video, explaining why he will sell his MU1 and Chord Dave to buy a MU2…

Read about MU2 >

“This is so beautiful.”

Hans Beekhuyzen, The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel
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