SoundStage! Australia: Outstanding Performance Award 2022 for MU1

We received a wonderful email from SoundStage! Australia’s editor in chief Edgar Kramer. He wrote us “it is with great pleasure that I present the Grimm Audio MU1 Music Player with the SoundStage! Australia ‘Outstanding Performance’ Award 2022. This award is for fine-tuned products presenting exceptional sound quality and being among ‘the best of the best’.” We are very grateful with this special honour!

From the review by Tom Water in SoundStage! Australia April 2022:

“The Grimm Audio MU1 sounds so alive in that it is so incredibly vibrant and joyful to listen to, so transparent with extremely high resolution, so tonally balanced, so fluid, so dynamic. And yet it does all this without any glare or harshness – it always sounds like music; music you can listen to for hours on end without fatigue. The MU1 draws you into the music so that you do feel a real emotional connection.”

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